Do You get, what You deserve, truly desire?

We help Leaders solving their most pressing issues, challenges.

We speed up projects, secure change, create value, and improve the performanace of Your business..

Do You get what You deserve, truly desire?

We help Leaders to reach their goals, solve their most pressing issues & challenges.
We speed up projects, secure change, create value, and soar the bottom line of Your business.

Our Clients are amazing - Growing Good: Their Leaders achieve with their People ambitious goals.

We have seen the best results in collaborating for Win-Win Solutions - for Change that sticks, whether in the Whole Business or within Individual Projects to secure:

1) Financial Stability 2) Effective Marketing 3) Efficient Operation 4) Talented engaged Team 5) Freed up Time.

Our Approach secures Early Wins for You and Your teams and stakeholders, the Desired Results, and the Change thats sticks.

Together we find Win-Win Solutions compelling by head & heart. Solutions to which You connect not only with Your intellect but emotionally.

Click on the video below and learn about "Who we are, What we do and How we help":

You learn about the 5 basic strategies to solve any conflict, crisis or master change.

You experience, why collaboration is best to find most suitable solution for any crisis or change.

We share our 4 Step approach and why "active listening with open questions" is key.

You see a Project-Example where we secured Change: Quality Up, Profit 2,5X, Cost Income Ratio -25%.

Testimonials: Read how we take charge as Project Manager or as your Coach

Donovan (CIO US Bank): As Projektmanager Albert integrated our IT-Plattform/Processes End-to-End

"Albert is a passionate leader, analytical, perceptive, and considerate. He accomplished our goals in 9 instead expected 15 months, in time. 30% under budget, we received FED approval of our new lean End-to-End Processes and Infrastructure with 0 Findings."

Kristie (CEO Interior Design & Luxury Staging Hawaii): Albert coacht me and took charge of Projects
"After I stared my business, Albert coached me for 3 years through Chaos to Control to Prosperity – he even stepped in and introduced my ERP system, the base and backbone for effective marketing with SEO, Social Media and interactice clients interface and efficient operations covering proposal to billing and accounting."

Project Example: Initiative Quality of Care Healthcare & Education

We worked with the Owner and CEO of a Business in Healthcare & Education.

We applied systematically the G&G approach, a set of measures - the 21 Golden Keys for Growing Good.

This resulted in increased revenues , reduced the cost income ratio. We secured outperforming the industry benchmarks in Quality of Care, which drove the multiple to 7, which is more than 250% over the industry average, and helped the Business Owner to drive the value of her business.

...or find out more, how we help - You choose:

We take charge for projects in your Business as Your Projectmanager

We work with You on Your Business as Your Coach.

You choose, what fits best for You:

Get help to Enjoy Your Business again & finally the Freedom You Deserve.

Get immeditate help to solve Your most pressing issue and challenge.

Get help to speed up and secure the goals of your key project right now.

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